5 Benefits of Stretching

Many of us have incredibly busy lives and find it difficult to make time for exercise. The stresses of life can bog us down, making our muscles sore and stiff. While we encourage daily exercise, putting aside a few moments for stretching is also be beneficial. Take a look at a few ways that stretching can improve your health:

Lower Injury Risk

Stretching your muscles strengthens and improves your range of motion, causing the body to use less energy and become more flexible. The more flexibility your body has, the less likely you are to become injured during workouts and throughout your day.

Better Posture

Stretching helps improve your resting posture and muscular balance because it is a controlled way to elongate your muscles through their full range of motion. You can gain the most by holding your poses 15-30 seconds at the farthest point that isn’t causing pain.

Decrease Lower Back Troubles

Our lower backs carry a fair amount of stress throughout the day, and commonly contract while sitting or doing other daily activities. Stretching helps relax these muscles which reduces the tightening pain that many experience in their lower backs. The hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors are a few good starting points if your back is feeling tensed.

Increased Blood Flow and Nutrient Delivery

People who stretch regularly will have a more efficient and greater blood supply to muscle tissues then those who don’t, because stretching increases blood flow efficiency and amount. Joint synovial fluid, the fluid that works to transport nutrients to the joints, is increased, allowing a greater range of motion. This reduces pain in the joints and the risk of joint degeneration.

Improved Overall Health

All of the benefits of regular stretching result in an improvement in physical health and relaxed muscles. Stretching promotes a reduction in stress which can result in higher feelings of well being and vitality.Yoga and pilates are two excellent work outs for people that can find time in their day, but even a few simple daily stretches can be beneficial.

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