5 Ways Infant Chiropractic Care Supports Your Baby’s Health

Although chiropractic care for infants may not be commonly considered, it can prove to be an incredibly effective treatment for relieving common ailments in newborns. And while chiropractic manipulations are much different for babies than adults, experienced chiropractors know just the right place and gentle pressure to help relieve your infant.

Here are five ways gentle chiropractic care helps support your baby’s development and health.

Post-birth recovery

The pregnancy and delivery process isn’t just hard on the birthing momma — it’s hard on baby, too. Growing in a cramped uterus, being pushed and pulled during contractions, and getting squeezed through the birthing canal put a lot of pressure on your little one’s bones and joints.

Although it’s hard to identify exactly what an infant feels during labor, it’s safe to say that they do at least feel pressure and probably some pain. Additionally, the process can lead to misalignments that put extra pressure on their little bodies and hinder proper development.

A trained chiropractor will know just the right spots and pressure to help relieve built-up pressure and pain and help promote proper alignment. This also helps with healthy development as they learn to use the musculoskeletal system to roll over, hold their head up, crawl, and eventually start walking.

Help digestion

An immature or underactive digestive system can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction in babies, causing gas buildup, indigestion, bloating, and overall abdominal discomfort. Adults can certainly empathize, but your little one doesn’t understand or know how to get rid of the pain.

Thankfully, chiropractors can help with gentle manipulations to stimulate nerve flow, supporting the intestines to push gas and liquids through, and relieving pressure and pain. This helps support a healthy digestive movement as they grow, too.

Relieve colic

Babies are prone to colic — or prolonged intense crying or fussiness. Although colic is often thought to be related to trapped gasses that cause discomfort for babies, it can be caused by other things, like stress, headaches, or overstimulation.

Not only can gentle chiropractic manipulations stimulate your baby’s digestive system to relieve pain from trapped gas, but some studies have shown a statistically significant reduction in colic in infants who receive chiropractic care versus those who do not.

Reduce fussiness

Discomfort, whether from digestive upset, pain from misalignment, or pressure on a nerve, can lead to a fussy, cranky baby and sleepless nights. But pinpointing exactly what’s causing your baby discomfort can be hard or nearly impossible.

Fortunately, chiropractic care can be one of the most effective ways to treat your baby’s body discomfort and decrease the amount of time they spend crying. And when your baby is less fussy, you get to breathe a sigh of relief and focus on the valuable bonding time with your newborn.

Ease stress

The combined benefit of chiropractic care to relieve colic, fussiness, digestive discomfort, and pain equals one beautiful mental benefit — less stress. It’s a huge step in making them feel more comfortable physically, mentally, and emotionally, and a giant leap towards laying a foundation for a happy and healthy future.

Gentle chiropractic relief for all ages

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