Natural Ways to Alleviate Back Pain

Studies show that up to 85% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. That’s a lot of people! Back pain is something that cannot always be prevented, although we do have some helpful and all natural tips on how to reduce the pain-and for some, potentially stop it before… Read more »

Happy & Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The American Chiropractic Association recently released an article about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by making smart nutrition choices and regularly exercising. Making small lifestyle changes to improve your health will reduce your risks of health problems in the future. Start by analyzing your lifestyle, notice your current eating and exercising habits then… Read more »

Neck Strains at the Workplace

No one enjoys getting hurt on the job.  One of the most common injuries is neck strain-usually due to locking eyes with a computer screen all day or lifting heavy objects incorrectly. If you partake in either of these activities on a daily basis, you are susceptible to a neck strain injury. Injuries of the… Read more »

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, it jumpstarts your metabolism and converts the fuel in food to energy. Is essential to start the day with a healthy breakfast rich in whole grains, fiber, and protein; choosing healthy foods can increase attention span, concentration, mood, memory and keep weight under control. … Read more »

The Benefits of Chiropractic Massage

Millions of people already know the benefits of regular chiropractic treatment.  When combining chiropractic care with massage therapy, your body can gain so more! Even though we have different systems that make up our body such as the skeletal and muscular, they all work together to make our body function properly. Like a domino effect,… Read more »

Natural Pain Relief for your Joints

Millions of people suffer from joint pain every day. It most commonly strikes the back, knees and hands but any joint in the human body is susceptible to this aching. There are many prescriptions out there that guarantee relief. Some fulfill that promise to a degree, but you may fail to take into consideration the… Read more »

Gluten Free the Way to Go?

Some two million Americans must make vital diet changes every year after being diagnosed with celiac disease-a condition in which the body cannot properly digest the proteins found in breads and specific foods. Many Americans are making the choice to go gluten free without the diagnosis of celiac disease, hoping it will prevent them from… Read more »

Avoid Back Pain While Enjoying Your Summer Activities

Everyone is more active in the summer and while enthusiasm for different sports and activities is great it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent injuring your back in the process; the last thing you want is to be icing your back at the end of the night. We’ve gathered some pain prevention tips to… Read more »

4 Easy Neck Stretches

It can be the most bothersome thing in the world; a sore neck. An excellent way to avoid neck pain is to stretch regularly. Doing so will also help to prevent injury and increase your range of motion. Here are four easy neck stretches: (You should begin each stretch with your neck centered while either… Read more »

Perfect Posture for the Office Workplace

Work on Your Posture at the Office Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from back pain? Upper and lower back pain can affect your health, mood and well-being; luckily visiting a chiropractor regularly and improving your posture can potentially eliminate the stubborn pain. We have gathered a few tips for you to… Read more »