Dr Scott Petett Featured on “The Season”

Dr. Scott Petett is “On Demand” for his high flying bike riding.

Be careful what you email your friends; it just might end up on YouTube! Local chiropractor  Dr. Scott Petett is highlighted with “The Season” a web TV series.  To watch the video, go to The Petett Chiropractic videos page.

Dr. Scott Petett grew up in Renton, and has been practicing chiropractic there for years. While growing up in theHighlands he started riding bicycles as a young boy. He started mountain biking as the sport progressed, and has developed a passion for the sport. At age 39 a friend talked him into trying free ride mountain biking. He enjoyed it so much it became his outlet to relax and have fun.

In 2005 he was using a helmet camera to video his friend Erik down one of their favorite trails in the Pacific Northwest, and emailed the video to a few friends. After a few months it was on YouTube, and went viral by recording over a million views. The post on YouTube read, “I don’t know who this is or where it’s at but check it out.” At peak popularity if you searched “Crazy Mtn biking” on the internet, Scott’s video was the result.

In 2009 an emerging film company contacted him to see if he was interested in being the cyclist in a web TV series called “The Season.” His first response was, “do you know how old I am”? A couple of phone calls from Fitz Cahall later Scott agreed to start riding for the project.

What started out as a web TV series could be seen “On Demand” through May 25th 2011 on Comcast. Scott says, “I feel I am very fortunate to be living in my hometown with my beautiful wife and two girls, practicing chiropractic for the past 23 years. I am thankful that I look forward to working Mondays, and still find time to ride my bike.

He has worked as the Team Doctor for Lindbergh High School for the past 15 years and has donated all the proceeds from that back to the school. He enjoys living in Renton, and giving back to the community. Dr. Petett says, “One of my favorite sayings that I’ve said for years to educate people on their health is; ‘Motion is lotion, so keep moving if you want to stay young, go play outside.”