Five Misconceptions of Chiropractic Care | Renton Chiropractic Clinic

We often hear misconceptions about chiropractic care and what chiropractors do. While there’s a lot information floating around, our team at Petett Chiropractic hear to set the record straight. For example, did you know that in order to become a medical doctor you’re required to have 2,756 class hours in education whereas a chiropractor is required to have 2,887 class hours in an educational environment.

In this blog post, we’re going to clear up the five of the biggest misconceptions about the chiropractic and the chiropractic industry.

1. Chiropractic treatment isn’t effective.

Chiropractors have some of the toughest educational and licensing requirements of any medical profession out there. Did you know that in order to become a medical doctor you’re required to have 2,756 class hours in education, whereas a chiropractor is required to have 2,887 class hours in an educational environment.

The chiropractic profession has spent countless time, hours and money on medical studies that prove just how effective treatment is. Several medical associations suggest that visiting a one should be the first line of defense for certain pain conditions. Being that it is a non-invasive treatment, doctors usually recommend their services over their patients undergoing the knife or being treated with potentially dangerous drugs.

 2. Chiropractic adjustments could be dangerous.

This is common yet false misconception about chiropractic. In fact, malpractice insurance for chiropractors is lower than any other medical profession out there. This means that the insurance companies feel that lawsuits against chiropractors are much less common than your average doctor.

However, if you suffer from certain pre-existing conditions, it’s probably best to get a doctor’s opinion. Conditions such as a herniated disk or compression of the nerves in your lower spinal column could be potentially aggravated if you undergo chiropractic care. It’s best to consult with our doctor know if you suffer from other maladies and then he/she will make a recommendation based off your medical history.

3. Chiropractic service is not covered by insurance.

In certain cities, “full chiropractic” is covered under all health insurance plans. Insurance companies have done a cost analysis of medical care (e.g. surgeries, drugs, etc.) and chiropractic treatment and realized that the latter can help heal just as good as the former and cost significantly less.

There might be some services that are not covered, and you should always talk to your doctor to get a referral to a Renton chiropractor. Even Medicare will cover some aspects of chiropractic care. It’s best to speak to your insurance company to see if the procedure you’d like to have done is covered or not

4. Chiropractors only treat back pain.

The overall goal of chiropractic is to improve joint function. Necks, legs, knees, hands, feet and ankles all fall under this category. If you have a body part attached to a joint and it aches or is in pain, chances are that our Renton chiropractor can help fix it over time.

Chiropractic has been known to effectively treat and minimize pain after an auto accident. Whiplash and neck pain after a car accident in Renton can be especially painful. You may have soreness and pain that only manifests itself days or even weeks after the accident.

Chiropractors are trained in locating the source of pain and getting it under control. Sometimes, all you need is a simple spinal adjustment in order to feel better

5. Prescription drugs are the best treatment for pain.

The third leading cause of death in the United State is a bad reaction to a correctly (and legally) prescribed drug. Every person is different. Some people might have a severe allergic reaction to something as simple as an aspirin. It’s impossible for drug companies to know if their drugs are 100% safe for every person. Even after undergoing clinical trials, there’s always a chance an individual could have a bad reaction to the drug.

Chiropractic care is a natural and safe alternative treatment for pain. If you’re considering Renton chiropractic care, look no further than Petett Chiropractic. We have years of experience which will help you start to feel better without the usage of invasive medical procedures or dangerous drugs.

During your initial consultation, our qualified and highly skilled chiropractors will give you a thorough examination and make a recommendation on the best course of action. Stop by, give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions.