What to Expect

1st Visit

During your first visit with our chiropractic doctors, a thorough history and examination will be conducted reviewing all of your health concerns. Your posture, reflexes, strength and flexibility will all be tested. X-rays may be taken to help the doctors pinpoint specific problem areas.

2nd Visit

After carefully reviewing your unique case, our chiropractic doctors will create a program designed to treat your specific problems. Your doctor will take time to answer any questions or concerns you might have.


Chiropractic Care is a Unique Treatment

Our chiropractic care treatment is guaranteed safe and pain-free. Along with gentle style of spinal adjustments, we also offer the following services & therapies:

  • Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Traction/Massage Table
  • Exercise Programs
  • Gym Ball & Tubing Exercises
  • Spinal Care Classes
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Hot/Cold Therapy

These are some of the other therapies our chiropractic doctors use to help treat your problems along with a gentle style of spinal adjustment.


Who We Can Treat

Anyone who is interested in maintaining proper spinal alignment can benefit. We also see infants and pregnant mothers who need chiropractic care, in which adjusting methods are modified for each patient’s size and weight.