3 Common Causes of Back Pain

Back-Pain-Chiropractic-RentonIn the warm summer months, many of us find ourselves constantly on the move. It is no wonder that with outdoor activities, spring sports, yard work, and the added motivation to live an active lifestyle, that we wind up with more aches and pains than usual.

More often than not, we remember what we were doing when the back pain started, but many of us never know what the actual causes of back pain are. There are quite a few conditions that lead to pain, stress, and tension in the back. Next time you feel a slight twinge coming on, you will be glad you know what the common causes of back pain are.

Depending on whether it’s a sudden or chronic circumstance, it’s possible that your back pain is a result of one of these conditions:

Muscle and ligament strains- They occur when a muscle is over stretched, this causes it to tear and can be very painful. Though they come on suddenly, the tension from a sprain may take time to go away.

Herniated Discs- Herniated discs are the bulging of the discs in the spine, limiting the spine’s flexibility. The lack of mobility and occasional rupturing of discs can be very painful. “Slipped disc” and “ruptured disc” are alternate names.

Sciatica- When the root of the nerve in the lower back becomes pinched. It causes pain in the lower back but can also cause pain and tingling in the hips and legs.

These are frequent causes of back pain, but the list certainly does not stop there. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, or are affected by other conditions, aches, pains, stresses, or tension, please contact us. We are available by phone at  (425) 277-2225, call to make an appointment today!


photo credit: drweisgerber via photopin cc