How Can I Tell if I Have a Spinal Alignment Issue?

Most people are aware of the importance of spinal alignment. They were tested for scoliosis as a kid, they’ve seen the severe impact that neck and spinal injuries can have, and even intuitively they know that the spine is not something you want to mess with. What they aren’t aware of, however, is how to… Read more »

At-Home Movements to Help With Lower Back Pain

Roughly 8 out of 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Americans are living more and more of their lives sitting down, with the number of sedentary jobs nearly doubling since 1950. So the odds are that at some point, you too will experience lower back pain (if you haven’t… Read more »

Least Invasive → Most Invasive

We’ve seen it one too many times. Someone comes into our office still suffering pain or discomfort, even after getting surgery for their ailment. “I’ve tried everything but this,” they say. “So here I am.” By the time they seek out a chiropractor, they’re already physically, emotionally and financially burdened. And even if we’re able… Read more »

Chiropractic Misconception #3: “You’ll get stuck going for life.”

This month we’re turning our attention back to addressing some of the major misconceptions out there surrounding chiropractic care. One of the major misunderstandings swirling around is the idea that once you go see a chiropractor, you’ll get stuck having to go see them for life. It’s an idea that stems from a number of… Read more »

Chiropractic Misconceptions #2: “They’re not real doctors.”

Alternative medicine is trending pretty hard these days. New diets, alternate lifestyles, and different forms of therapy seem to be popping up almost daily. And there are some quality, well-researched options out there. But there are also some, well, not-so-well-researched options. What’s more, the licensing process for practitioners of certain therapies is less than extensive…. Read more »

Chiropractic Misconception #1: “It’s All About the Pop”

We’ve all seen them. They make some of us cringe. Others of us find them weirdly satisfying. But we’ve all seen them. We’re talking, of course, about the countless videos across YouTube and social media of chiropractors giving patients adjustments with more snaps, crackles and pops than a bowl of Rice Krispies. As entertaining as… Read more »

Chiropractic Care For A Positive Future

It’s interesting to think the way we had to survive thousands of years ago was through constant motion.  While our bodies still crave motion and movement, the way many of us with laptops and phones survive now is much different. Much less movement, much more inertia.  Now the battle is going to the gym or… Read more »

Computer Screens and Neck Pain: A Tragedy

Studies have shown that most Americans spend almost 8 hours a day looking at some form of screen. That’s more than the average adult sleeps.  But we don’t need reports to know that we spend a lot of time looking down. That’s obvious. We need to know how this massive amount of screen time is… Read more »

Returning To Normalcy After Whiplash

If you’ve been in a car accident you know just how quickly things can go wrong. In one moment everything is fine, and in the next you’re facing a nightmare. But, you’re alive and quite lucky. Still, with all the commotion taking place after impact it might not be until much later that you recognize… Read more »

Could Chiropractic Care Relieve Your Joint Pain?

What’s more annoying than joint pain? If you suffer from pain in your hands, elbows, ankles, knees, feet, back, hips or shoulders you have joint pain and you’re not alone. Almost everyone will experience joint pain at some point in their life. Especially as you age. In a national survey, about one-third of adults reported… Read more »