Cracking Your Back Is Okay, But Not A Fix For Back Pain

Recently we posted a blog stating “Don’t Crack Your Neck!”, but what about your back? Cracking your back only provides temporary relief “Do your cracking only from the shoulders down,” states Henry S. Lodge, M.D. Anything above may cause severe nerve damage. You are a lot less likely to cause damage to your back than… Read more »

Chiropractic Treatment May Reduce Symptoms of Diabetes

An Article from reveals that there is a connection between the spinal cord and blood sugar and studies have shown that chiropractic care may be able to assist those suffering with diabetes. Diabetes is the 5th deadliest disease and affects nearly 20.8 million children and adults in the United States. It is a disease… Read more »

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Your Chronic Headaches

Many people overlook the possibility of going to a chiropractor for headache pain. Many headache and migraine sufferers face years of debilitating pain, but instead of naturally treating them, they turn to drugs to relieve the pain. If you have a headache you are not alone. Nine out of ten Americans have had some kind… Read more »

Local Chiropractor Known For Extreme Biking

RENTON, WA- Scott Petett owner of Petett Chiropractic has recently gained attention for his freeride mountain-biking skills in a video that has gone viral. He has always been interested in biking but didn’t begin the more aggressive style of free riding until 2002. This style incorporates bigger jumps, elevated log rides, and obstacles. In 2005,… Read more »

Dr Scott Petett Featured on “The Season”

Dr. Scott Petett is “On Demand” for his high flying bike riding. Be careful what you email your friends; it just might end up on YouTube! Local chiropractor  Dr. Scott Petett is highlighted with “The Season” a web TV series.  To watch the video, go to The Petett Chiropractic videos page. Dr. Scott Petett grew up… Read more »