Simple Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

When we stress, our bodies automatically take the beating. Our muscles get tense, our blood pressure rises and it can even create ulcers if constant. Stress and work seem to walk hand-in-hand. Pressure on the job is something that will never go away, it’s how you manage it that will make your life easier and your body will thank you. By conquering the daily anxieties that come your way, you will see an automatic improvement in your work productivity and overall mood!

Time Management

If you don’t schedule out your days, we highly suggest you start! You’d be amazed at how helpful it is to see your daily work load all planned out. It’s the best ways to stay productive and will guarantee you’ll get all your work done on time. Studies show that those who work off a checklist accomplish much more than those who don’t. Unexpected assignments can come your way at any moment, by having a predetermined daily checklist in place; it makes it much easier to determine when you have time to conquer those unanticipated tasks!

Dealing with Conflict

Unfortunately, conflict doesn’t automatically go away after high school. It is something that we must deal with as adults and can easily creep up at the work place. Dealing with uncomfortable situations doesn’t have to be stressful if you handle it correctly. If a problem arises with a co-worker or boss, handle it as soon as possible. Letting an issue simmer could make circumstances worse. Also, take into consideration the atmosphere and culture of your office and handle the issue accordingly.

Saying No Is Okay

Feeling overwhelmed with a heavy work load happens to the best of us. Whether we’re trying to help out a fellow co-worker or get a gold star from the boss, it’s easy to put too much on your plate. It can be easy for others to not recognize when you are stressed with too much work, so it’s okay to say no if they present you with more.

Stretch it Out

Taking a stretch break is a necessity for anyone who sits at a desk or works at a computer all day. Stretching will ease any tense muscles and release those endorphins we so desperately need! Stepping outside for a five minute walk or coffee break will relax your mind and help you power through the rest of your day.

Personalize Your Space

The average person spends eight hours a day at a desk, it should feel like yours! Bring something that holds personal value and place in on your desk or a nearby shelf to look at. Having something with meaning near you is a great emotional booster and can be great to focus on for a few seconds when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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