Neck Strains at the Workplace

No one enjoys getting hurt on the job.  One of the most common injuries is neck strain-usually due to locking eyes with a computer screen all day or lifting heavy objects incorrectly. If you partake in either of these activities on a daily basis, you are susceptible to a neck strain injury.

Injuries of the neck are both painful and distracting. With this pain it can be hard to stay focused and complete tasks at hand. Thankfully there are things you can do at work to limit the possibility of straining your neck muscles:

  • Adjust your computer screen so that it is at eye level, you should be able to look directly at your screen without having to look down. Also, make sure that your arms are resting comfortably next to your body. Keeping your spinal column in a straight line will keep the strain off of your neck muscles.
  • When you need to pick up a heavy object, stand as close to the item as possible in order to protect your cervical spine. Always bend with your hips and knees, never your back.  Always stand as straight as possible while holding heavy objects and do not twist in either direction.
  • When sitting at a desk, always keep good posture! If you are talking on the phone, always avoid cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder. Overtime, this can cause a lot of tension and strain on your neck muscles.
  • Stretching is the key. Always take a few breaks a day to expand those limbs properly. Stand up and let your muscles relax while stretching them gently. Roll your head and shoulders in circles, as well as side to side.


Hopefully these techniques will help keep you from any neck injuries in the future. If you currently have a neck strain make sure to see a doctor if it persists for longer than a few days!

Preventing Neck Pain at Work – by Chris Lliades, MD