Renton Chiropractors Offer 5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

November officially marks the beginning of the holiday season! Which means you’ll start to see Christmas decorations and hear Christmas songs everywhere you go, but let’s not forget about Thanksgiving. It’s time spent with family and friends celebrating everything that we have to be grateful for all while eating some amazing food. But Thanksgiving isn’t restricted to just one day; the entire month is dedicated to indulging in festive treats, dinner parties and “Friendsgivings”. Although November is a month filled with food and fun, it is important that you still consciously focus on taking care of your body. Our Renton Chiropractors offer 5 great tips for maintaining a healthy Thanksgiving so you can make it through the rest of the holiday season feeling great!

1.Do a Turkey Trot
Whether it be a 5k turkey trot with the whole family or just a stroll around the neighborhood, it is important to stay active and make exercising a priority. Starting your day with a workout is a great way to boost you immune system and keep you energized through all of the festivities you have planned.

2.Add Greens to Your Menu

Renton-Chiropractic-healthy-thanksgivingSteer clear of having a bland looking plate. What do we mean? A plate that is full of turkey, dinner rolls, stuffing and mashed potatoes is all one color. Beige. Make sure to add some color with fresh salads and vegetables. The extra nutrients will prevent you from over eating and stave off that common drowsiness post meal.

3.Keep Stress Levels To A Minimum
We understand that the holiday season can be very stressful, especially if you are the one planning and hosting the events. As we’ve mentioned before, stress can lead to headaches, sleep problems and lower back pain. Our Renton Chiropractors suggest coming in for an adjustment or massage therapy session in order to relax and aid your body in adapting to stress better.

4.Eat breakfast
Although it may seem like a good idea to skip breakfast before a big meal in order to have room for all that delicious food, it is actually more beneficial to have breakfast. A small, nutritious meal in the morning allows you to have more self control later on and not overindulge to the point where you feel sick.

5.Don’t Forget to Drink
By that we mean don’t forget to drink water, especially if you are consuming alcohol as well. Staying hydrated is necessary for your body to stay healthy and working at its best.

Follow these few simple tips and you’ll have a healthier and happier Thanksgiving! Don’t hesitate to give our Renton Chiropractors a call at (425) 277-2225 either, if you have more questions about how to stay healthy for the holidays.


Photo Credit: CarbonNYC [in SF!] via photopin cc