5 Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries this Spring

Pettet-Chiro-sports-injuriesThe start of spring means the beginning of countless sports seasons. As baseball, softball, tennis, golf, track, lacrosse, and many extreme sports start, others like basketball are wrapping up their seasons. This makes March a busy month for athletes and a common time for injury.

Though an active lifestyle is fully encouraged for overall health, there are some precautions that everyone should take to prevent injury. Follow these helpful tips for preventing sports injuries this spring.

  1. Stretch- Stretching is the best way to make sure you are ready for any physical activity. So whether you are taking a quick walk, or playing the entire game, it is the most important thing to remember. Aim for stretching major muscle groups in the back, arms and legs for around 30 seconds each and spend at least 5 minutes stretching total.
  2. Warm Up- Stretching plays a part in warming up, but you may need to do more before taking part in more intense activity. Taking a few practice throws, or jogging can be helpful in preventing sports injuries.
  3. Exercise Smart- Different muscles are used more frequently in different activities. When you are working out or practicing, remember to build up muscle strength so that strains and tears aren’t caused from overuse or being unprepared.
  4. Remember Your Equipment- Helmets, mouth guards and pads are the main three necessities for most sports. Shoes, no matter the activity, however, are very important. Whether it’s cleats, spikes, or running shoes, be sure that yours are a good fit and provide enough support.
  5. Hydrate- Drinking a lot of water is a great habit for everyone to get into, but vital for athletes. Dehydration can be really harmful to health, as well as cause muscle cramping which can lead to injuries.


In addition to these 5 tips, seeking our Renton chiropractic care is great for treating and preventing sports injuries. Everyone can benefit from alignment and taking care of their muscles, especially athletes!

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photo credit: Manu_H via photopin cc