Avoid Back Pain While Enjoying Your Summer Activities

Everyone is more active in the summer and while enthusiasm for different sports and activities is great it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent injuring your back in the process; the last thing you want is to be icing your back at the end of the night. We’ve gathered some pain prevention tips to ensure that you have a pain free summer.


Photo Source: http://stockvault.net/photo/132194/gardening-tools

Start Slow

It is great to set fitness goals but remember that you may be out of shape from the cold winter weather, when creating a fitness plan gradually increase with time to prevent from straining a muscle.


Wanting to engage in weekend activities is great, but remember to try to incorporate 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day; this will decrease your risk of getting injured over the weekend and will increase your endurance.

Prevent Pain when Planting

Gardening and yard work are two of the most common causes of back pain in the summer. When gardening remember to frequently take breaks, when bending over remember not to bend at the waist. Try to space your gardening time over a few days rather than hours to prevent stiffness and soreness.

Bye-Bye Flip Flops

Wearing a flimsy pair of sandals don’t give you enough support and can lead to back pain. When choosing footwear select a style that supports your arch and keeps your foot stable.

Pack Light

Golfers frequently suffer from back pain induced by carrying a heavy bag and clubs, try using a pull-cart bag when golfing.

Seat Stiffness

Long car rides can leave the driver and passengers feeling stiff, prevent back pain by warming up your muscles before entering the vehicle and adjust your seat to support your back. Stop frequently to stretch and see the sites.

When engaging in fun summer activities remember that your body needs to warm up to activities to prevent injury.
Here is a great article from Every Day Health on information about preventing injury this summer: http://www.everydayhealth.com/back-pain-pictures/summer-activities-that-can-lead-to-back-pain.aspx#/slide-3

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