Is Your Young Child Wrecking Your Back?

Back Pain From Lifting Child

Having a young child in your life is an exhilarating time. The possibilities for the future, the excitement of a new addition, the world is your oyster in these moments. For these reasons, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself, when the majority of your attention is going towards caring for a helpless little infant. One of the main things that takes on stress when a young child is around is your back. The amount of picking up, putting down, and carrying that you have to do will rise exponentially, and if you’re not careful, these repetitive actions that do some serious damage. Here are a few tips for how to keep your back in tiptop shape when dealing with a young child.

Learn How To Lift And Hold Your Baby

While a small child may seem light and easy to handle, the repetition of picking it up and putting it down, especially in strange situations, can have serious strain on your body. Learning the proper techniques for lifting, carrying, and putting down, are a simple method for ensuring that you don’t strain, pull, or wear out your muscles and joints. This will only become more important as your child grows larger, so learning it as soon as possible will save you hurt in the long run.

Get The Proper Gear

A great way to take strain off of your body, and to prevent injuries from lifting or carrying your child, is to have the correct gear for doing so. Whether it’s investing in a great stroller that you can use to take the child around with, or a child-carrier to keep the child close to you while you’re on the go, utilizing technology can keep you out of the situations most likely to cause back and neck pain, in the long and short term. If you’re interested in some of the best tools available for carrying your child, check out this list!

Get Back To Exercising

Whether you’re the mother who just gave birth, or the supporting partner now helping to care for the child, one of the best ways to prevent back pain from holding the child is to ensure that you’re in good shape. By strengthening your back, core, and arms, you decrease your chances of acute or chronic injury from lifting and moving the child, while also learning the proper techniques for how to lift and and move them.

If your back is bothering you because of a young child or any other reason, contact Petett Chiropractic today! Our team of caring professionals will help assess and fix your pain, to get you back to playing with your child, and enjoying your life.