Chiropractic Care Renton: The Importance of Good Posture

Good posture is important and has many benefits for your overall health. Understanding the benefits of good posture and how to improve upon and maintain good posture will help increase your overall health and quality of life.

The Benefits of Good PostureBack-Pain-Cycle-Pettet-Chiro

People with good posture generally look smarter and more attractive and naturally exude a sense of assertiveness and appeal. An improved posture can also help you feel more self-confident.

Aches & Pains:
Proper posture can help reduce aches and pains around the body. Many aches and pains of the neck and back are due to poor posture and improved posture can help relieve the pain.

Stress Relief:
A calm and relaxed posture can relieve stress and anxiety. The body’s fight or flight response causes your body to tense up when stressed. Improving posture can override this response, eliminating any stress and anxiety.

How To Maintain Good Posture

Whether you’re sitting, standing, sleeping, or walking, correct posture has many different positions. Poor posture when you are sitting and standing is the most detrimental, so follow these guidelines for better posture. As always, chiropractic care Renton can advise you on how best to function for a healthy and safe spine.

When Sitting:Good-Posture-Chirporactic-Renton

  • Keep your head straight. Not tilted up or down.
  • Keep your shoulders back in a relaxed position.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Keep your knees slightly lower than your hips.

When Standing:

  • Keep your shoulders and back aligned
  • Slightly Bend your knees to ease pressure on the hips
  • Keep your chin parallel to the ground

How to Improve Your PostureErgonomic-Chair-Renton-Chiro

It’s never too late to start correcting your posture. Start small by adding easy changes to your daily routine and follow these tips for improved posture:

  • Props: Use posture friendly props such as ergonomic chairs, footrests, or lumbar support devices to assist in correcting your posture.
  • Get Up & Move: Sitting for long periods of time restricts blood flow and weakens abdominal and back muscles, which lead to poor posture. Try going for a short walk after every hour spent sitting.
  • Build More Muscle: The abdominal and back muscles help keep the spine aligned, so consider hitting the weights next time you’re at the gym.
  • Criss-Cross: Uncross your legs when sitting and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

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