Chiropractic Care for Young Athletes

As health and fitness continues to be a growing trend in 2014, more and more students are signing up for sporting activities.

Did you stand in line at your child’s school with supporting documents in your hands, showing that your young athlete has passed their annual physical and received clearance to play in the Fall Season’s sports? They’re excited to start, and you’re eager to see them on the field! But have you prepared for the likeliness of injury? What are the right precautionary steps to optimize prevention to injury?


1. Proper Preparation
Health and fitness plays such a vital part in prevention. Body-conditioning, eating a healthy diet with sufficient nutrition, and getting plenty of rest helps build overall strength and endurance.

2. Gear Up
Proper protective equipment such as helmets, pads and shoes need to be correctly fitted in order to help reduce the impact of contact sports such as football and soccer for young athletes. Also remember to talk with the coach or trainer if any of the equipment is damaged.

3. Get Adjusted Regularly
The natural, safe approach of chiropractic care for young athletes from early on, can help reduce the possibility of injury, and also speed up the recovery process in case an injury occurs. The Doctors at Petett Chiropractic care are trained and licensed to treat the entire neuromusculoskeletal system and can provide advice on sports training, nutrition and injury prevention to young athletes.

“Being a full-time competitor means an increased risk of injury.  At this level of competition, we have to make sure to take care of our entire body, and that includes the recovery of it.  Sports medicine plays a key role in minimizing any damage, so I visit [my chiropractor] on a regular basis.”
-Justin Gatlin, 100 and 200 meter Olympic Gold Medalist


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