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As we age, we often notice unwelcome changes in our body that affect our ability to enjoy daily activities. Back pain and decreased range of motion is a common problem among older adults. The good news is that chiropractic care offers several benefits to seniors.

Our doctors at Petett Chiropractic provide a range of services that can benefit older adults, and play an important role in yours or your parent’s healthcare regime.

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Are Chiropractic Treatments Safe for the Older Adults?

The short answer: Yes! Chiropractic care is a natural, drug-free approach to pain treatment. It helps to monitor the changes that occur in the spine with increasing age.

When we age, spinal tissue becomes weaker, and less able to withstand normal stresses. As a result, back pain becomes much more frequent and the time to heal from injuries increases. Treatment involves gentle, low-force muscle and joint release. Older patients are often the most grateful patients after receiving much needed relief from ongoing pain.

Supports Range of Motion

Many older adults struggle to move as they used to, as a result of decreased range of motion. This can make it difficult to do everyday tasks or even bend down to pick up the grandchildren. Our Renton chiropractors can improve range of motion in the neck and spine as well as the extremities, restoring joint motion and overall help in keeping the joints healthy.

Improves Arthritis

Regular chiropractic care specifically focused on joint arthritis can greatly improve this condition in older adults. It can help relieve the irritation and discomfort that comes with arthritis. Routine visits with a chiropractor allows you to find quick relief without the use of medication.

Your Renton & Seattle Chiropractic Clinic

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the aging process but we can help in treating and preventing the pain that often comes with it. If there is an older adult in your life that could benefit from this care, encourage them to visit our Seattle and Renton chiropractic clinic.

Dedicated care from our experienced chiropractor doctors may be just what they need to get the quality of life that they deserve. With the right care, they can start seeing results fast and get back to fully living out their golden years. Please call (425) 277-2225 to schedule an appointment . Our staff at Petett Chiropractic is happy to answer any questions that you may have.