Common Headache Triggers

All too often, headaches intrude on our lives suddenly and unexpectedly causing terrible pain and crippling us for hours. Could it be possible you are doing something to invite an accidental headache? Check out these surprising triggers:


Research has shown that women with a BMI of 30 or more have a 35% higher chance of getting headaches than those with lower BMI’s. For women with a BMI of over 40 the possibility rose to 80%.


People that experience stress more frequently are more likely to get headaches. Certain personality traits, including obsessiveness and rigidness, are just a few that may be present in people prone to stress.

Unexpected Rest

Busy workers who decide to take a few days to sleep and relax may find themselves experiencing a headache. This happens when a persons day-to-day routine is disturbed and their body is not used to getting as much rest. To aid in this, keep your sleep pattern as normal as possible.


This seems obvious, but is extremely common. It is not necessary to drink gallons of water daily, but keep a water bottle around to prevent dehydration headaches.

Skipping Meals

Along with not hydrating yourself, not feeding yourself enough is another headache trigger.

Too Much Caffeine

It is proven that small amounts of caffeine can actually help prevent headaches, but if you find yourself in pain you may need to cut back on the boost.

Lack of Exercise

Research has shown that people who were more inactive had a higher chance of having headaches than those who exercise regularly. It is suggested to try to aim at 20 to 30 minute cardio sessions about 5 days a week.

Not Enough Sleep

Not getting enough ZZZs? It may causing you headaches! Research has shown that those that get 6 hours of sleep or less are more prone to get headaches than those who rest longer.

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