Cracking Your Back Is Okay, But Not A Fix For Back Pain

Recently we posted a blog stating “Don’t Crack Your Neck!”, but what about your back?

Cracking your back only provides temporary relief

“Do your cracking only from the shoulders down,” states Henry S. Lodge, M.D. Anything above may cause severe nerve damage. You are a lot less likely to cause damage to your back than your neck.

A common belief about cracking your back is that the sound means that you are realigning your vertebrae. This is not true. Cavitation, the rapid formation of gas bubbles in your joint fluid is the sound you hear when pressure is applied to your joints. This is what causes the sensation of momentary relief.

Chiropractic care is key

The important things to remember are: cracking your back is a quick fix, do not make a habit of doing so, and it is better when performed by a professional. If you have chronic back pain and increasingly feel the need to have your back cracked, it would be best to seek expert medical attention. This is especially true if you are experiencing any pain, weakness, or numbness.

Chiropractors can identify the source of back pain, target it, and correct it. When you have a friend do it, they are most likely guessing and not able to fix your problem. For your chiropractic and massage needs call Petett Chiropractic in Renton to make an appointment  (425) 277-2225.

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