Holiday Stressors – Prevention Tips from Chiropractic in Renton

The holidays are supposed to be full of fun and good cheer right? Sometimes that perfect picture we paint in our heads doesn’t necessarily live up to reality. The holidays can actually be a very stressful time for many people. With all the holiday festivities to plan or attend, gifts to buy, relatives to see, and delicious food abounding, we sometimes put our health on the back burner. This all can take a negative toll on the body, which is why Dr. Scott Petett, a chiropractor in Renton is identifying some of the top holiday stressors and what you can do to help prevent them.

The holidays are the busiest time to travel with everyone going to visit loved ones. Not only are the airports constantly packed causing long lines, but pressure changes in the cabin of the plane, heavy bags, long car rides, lack of sleep and tension are all hard on your body. Come see one of our chiropractors in Renton to get an adjustment both before and after you trip. This will help you feel more relaxed and adjusted.

Renton-Chiropractor-holiday-stressStress and Headaches
As we mentioned before, there are so many different factors that can make you stress out, maybe its dealing with difficult relatives, finding money to pay for all those gifts or the logistics of planning the perfect Christmas party. Whatever the case may be all of this stress can lead to lower back pain, neck pain and headaches. Take some time for yourself and decompress. Whether that is coming in for a therapeutic massage or just watching your favorite holiday movie.

Cold and Flu
This is the season where everyone seems to be getting sick. The cold weather, constantly being stuck indoors, and weaker immune systems makes us all more susceptible to the common cold or flu. Make sure to eat a healthy balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables to keep you immune system strong. If you are feeling sick, take it easy, so your body can work to help you recover.

Lack of Sunlight
With the sun setting as early as 4:00pm, there is less sunlight in a day and our Vitamin D levels drop during this time of year. This lack of sun and dreary weather can lead many people to get depressed during the winter. Chiropractic care can help ward off these negative feelings. Being in balance and pain free can boost your mood and some vitamin D3 vitamins don’t hurt either.

There will always be something during the winter that will stress you out, but the important thing to remember is that your health is a priority. Set up an appointment now with Petett Chiropractic in Renton and let us help you combat these stressors and have a great holiday season!


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