Keeping Your Back Loose During Cold Weather

If you’re one of millions of Americans, or living in Seattle suffering from back pain, cold winter weather can be a brutal adjustment. Being out in the cold, or in the wet, can speed up the tightening process of already tense muscles, leading to more dull aches and shooting pains. Winter can also be difficult because the weather often restricts your mobility, which is one of the keys to handling back pain. Petett Chiropractic is a leader in Seattle chiropractic care, and we’re here to help you find some pain relief during the winter. Below are a couple of our top tips for keeping your back loose during the winter, so that back pain doesn’t make a difficult time of year even more difficult.  

Proper Back Support at Work and at Home

Without as many outdoor, on-the-go, active options during the winter, most of us find ourselves sitting around more often, whether it’s at work, or at home. These are two of the most common places we spend our time, and thus where back pain is most common to occur. The best way to combat back pain while sitting or lounging around in these two locations is to ensure that you have proper back support at all times. At work, make sure that your workstation is properly equipped to reduce the strain on your back and neck. At home, practice proper posture and support whenever you’re sitting or laying around, because these times when your mind is switched off can have lasting effects on your back pain. Being constantly mindful of proper back support can reduce the likelihood of pain flare-ups.

Take Up Yoga (Or Hot Yoga)

The benefits of yoga have been widely discussed, even to the point where you might be annoyed with how many friends and family members have recommended it to you. If you’re sick of all of these amateur opinions, here’s a professional one: yoga is a great way to keep your whole body loose during the winter, including your back and any adjacent muscles that might be straining it.

Hot yoga is also a great option, combining the full body workout of a yoga practice with high temperatures, to keep your body loose and insides warm. There are tons of yoga studios all over Seattle, and many of them offer free or discounted trials, so whether you’re enthusiastic or a skeptic, winter is the perfect time to try something new.

Avoid Snow Shovelling Whenever Possible

This may not be of most concern in the Pacific Northwest, thanks to the relatively light amount of snow we get each year, but never underestimate the strain that snow shovelling puts on your back. The combination of going from long periods of inaction to heavy strain, and transitioning from inside to a cold outdoors, leads to an emergency room visit for thousands of Americans every year. If you’re struggling with back pain, please use this as a legitimate explanation for why you can’t shovel the driveway, or fork out a couple bucks to have the neighbour’s kids do it for you.

If you’re unable to avoid back pain this winter, and need some lasting pain relief, contact Petett Chiropractic today. We’re your Seattle chiropractic care specialists, offering the right spinal care to keep your back pain free, and keep you on the move, regardless of the weather.