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Knee pain is one of the more debilitating joint pains that people can suffer from. If your knees are in constant discomfort, you are well aware of how debilitating it can be. It can prevent you from performing simple everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, or even walking around the house.

A recent study showed that almost 19% of the population in the United States is affected by joint point. The number is steadily increasing each year.

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Common Signs of Knee Pain:

  • Sharp, recurring pain in the same spot in your knee
  • Inability to straighten the knee fully
  • Swelling and stiffness and/or warm to the touch and red
  • Popping and crunching noises after knee movement

What Causes Knee Pain?

There are several unrelated factors that can cause knee pain. One of the more common causes is arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the bigger culprits as it can cause the joint to be inflamed as well as physically damage the surrounding cartilage.

Physical injuries can also cause severe pain in the knee area. Sports injuries, car crashes, slips and falls can all damage the various components that allow you to walk and bend your knees. Cartilage injuries tend to affect those who play high-impact sports. Overuse injuries are commonly found in cyclists, runners, and soccer players. Being overweight also puts stress upon the knee area. Over time, this can lead to joint issues and chronic knee pain.

When Should I get Chiropractic Treatment for my Knee?

If you’re experiencing any of the following telltale signs, it may be time to schedule an appointment at your Seattle chiropractic clinic for an appointment:

  • Your doctor suggests you take narcotic pain killers for your knee pain
  • You lack the ability to perform simple, day-to-day tasks.
  • Your knee is inflamed and/or you feel a throbbing or constant, sharp pain.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Knee Pain?

Fortunately, most knee issues can be treated by chiropractic techniques. This is the preferred method by most people, as it is both safe and non-invasive. First, your Seattle chiropractor will carefully examine your health history. He/she will address the underlying issues that are causing your pain.

Knee pain can be temporarily treated in a number of ways. For example, ice reduces the inflammation around the joint. You can also massage soft tissue for relief. Depending on the recommended course of action, your Seattle chiropractor might apply mobilization techniques along with chiropractic manipulation in the areas where you have restricted movement. This helps to increase your range of motion and improve mobility.

Visit Your Seattle Chiropractor for Knee Pain Treatment

We believe you can enjoy life pain-free through regular and effective chiropractic techniques, Here at Petett Chiropractic, we have helped countless people who suffer from knee pain live an active and more fulfilling lifestyle. You can find relief and temporary treatment of your knee pain, while potentially preventing further damage.

Let one of our experienced and qualified Seattle chiropractors help you safely get back on your feet and living your life to the fullest. Schedule an initial exam or chiropractic appointment with our Seattle chiropractors. Our chiropractic office clinic is less than thirty-minutes away from Seattle, near Valley Medical Center. Contact us our office now at (425) 277-2225 or use our online appointment page.

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