Local Chiropractor Known For Extreme Biking

RENTON, WA- Scott Petett owner of Petett Chiropractic has recently gained attention for his freeride mountain-biking skills in a video that has gone viral. He has always been interested in biking but didn’t begin the more aggressive style of free riding until 2002. This style incorporates bigger jumps, elevated log rides, and obstacles.

In 2005, Petett filmed himself and a friend riding a local trail in the North Bend/Issaquah area. This video was sent to friends and family but ended up on YouTube where it went viral landing more than a million views.

Petett later filmed a four part web film series called “The Season” that followed five athletes as they tried to take their sport to the next level. The filmmakers Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith were interested in his age and riding level.

After the web series Petett entered the downhill race segment of the Northwest Cup in 2010 and won his age group. Despite his busy schedule with his Chiropractic Practice and family, he rides one Northwest Cup race a year. He also tries to ride his bike at least two to three times a week on local trails including Tapeworm (in Renton near Phillip Arnold Park) and Duthie Hill (Issaquah).

With riding there is an obvious danger of falling. Petett owns a small family business and any injury that prevents him from working would be a problem. He avoids this risk with what he calls the “art to falling.”  Despite the risks, Petett would find it tough to give up. His riding is not only a stress relief but it gives him knowledge that he takes with him to the job. He has learned about treating patients with injuries and has dealt with recovery on a personal level.

When Petett is not riding he is treating patients with pain at Petett Chiropractic Massage and Rehabilitation in his hometown of Renton. To see him in action visit www.petettchiropractic.com for episodes of The Season and the YouTube video that went viral.

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