Meditate the Holiday Stress Away

We’d like to think that the holiday season is a time to lay back, dream of sugarplums, and enjoy time with family and friends.  In reality, this enjoyment may be in short supply. With taking care of kids, holiday shopping, and other events, the holidays can be extremely stressful and take its toll on your body.  Our Kent Chiropractors want you to enjoy the holidays and reflect on the happiness it brings. So we thought of an easy way to relieve your stress with meditation. Though a stressful holiday season may be inevitable, meditation may get you in the festive spirit.


How to relieve Holiday Stress with Mediation – Petett Chiropractic – Kent Chiropractor

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress.  It calms the mind so that you can have clarity in even the most stressful situations. Of course, meditation won’t keep you from experiencing stressful or difficult complications in everyday matters, but it will change the way you react to those situations.  Stress is a burden on the mind and these simple steps to meditation can make all the difference for you to enjoy the season.

Sit – Find a quiet room to sit down in.  Yes you may have to sit upright but try to be as comfortable as you can by sitting in a chair or leaning against your bed.  Remember, you’re trying to relax to take some time for yourself, so don’t rush to get back up again to something else like chores.

Switch off your mind – It is very easy to overthink yourself into distractions.  Was your business proposal successful? Did you take out the trash? The mind is very crafty at finding distractions while you’re trying to switch off.  So to combat distractions you can use a very ancient technique to switch the mind off, which is to repeat a mantra.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a simple “om” will suffice.  Hopefully the mantra will not only drown out ambient noises from outside but it will also drown out the busy traffic in your mind.  Five minutes should do to calm your mind.

Bask in your Relaxation – After five minutes of meditation, you should take a minute or two to feel energized and experience the euphoria of being in control of your busy mind.
The positive attitude that meditation brings can give you the edge at work by giving yourself a new perspective on how things are going.  Instead of thinking about how stressed you are, with meditation, you will be better able to calmly assess the situation and be more productive.
More importantly, meditation will help you enjoy a stress free holiday season with family and friends.  Our Kent Chiropractors, Dr. Scott and Anne Petett wish you the very best this holiday season.  Meditation will help you dream about sugarplums, presents, and the joy that the holidays bring, without the stress of work and the holiday rush.
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