Perfect Posture for the Office Workplace

Work on Your Posture at the Office

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from back pain? Upper and lower back pain can affect your health, mood and well-being; luckily visiting a chiropractor regularly and improving your posture can potentially eliminate the stubborn pain. We have gathered a few tips for you to try while at the office to stretch and strengthen muscles around the spine.  Stretching regularly can keep your body healthy, relaxed and keeps your mind alert when at work, it is easy to do while sitting at your desk, requires minimal effort and you may even give you and your co-workers a good laugh. Remember to listen to your body and not overstretch, use caution to prevent inquiry and consult with your chiropractor for more exercises to address your problem area.

Office Stretches You Can Use To Help With Back Pain

Swan Dive
While sitting you’re your chair, plant your feet on the ground and spread your legs hips length apart; extend hands in front and lean forward bring your chest to your knees. Hold this position and take 5 breaths to stretch your lower and upper back.

Twist and Shout
Sit facing forward and plant your hands on your armrest, sitting upright use your arms to twist from to the right and hold for five breaths then repeat on the left.

Stretch your upper back and shoulder by sitting forward with hands near your side then drop your chin to your chest and circle your neck, take deep breaths and repeat as desired.

Reach for the Stars
Sitting upright extend both hands overhead, then reach one slightly higher than the other and repeat. Remember to take deep breaths and repeat.

Try to incorporate these exercises into your daily office routine for improved posture, health and mood. If you’re suffering from back pain, contact Petett Chiropractic. We will be able to realign your spine and restore your health, call us at 425-277-2225 or visit our website for more information today.

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