Prevent Running Injuries with Renton Chiropractors

Running is a great form of exercise, but here in the Pacific Northwest it’s also a way of life. People are running at any time and in any kind of weather. Cross country and track? Are major sports in this area of the country and it’s easy to see why. With trails in every direction, mild weather and some of the freshest air, we have the prime environment for a run. With all of the positives that come with this type of sport and exercise, there comes a few negatives. The repetitive motion and constant pounding of the pavement can really take a toll on your joints, in turn causing injuries.

Petett-Chiropractic-Renton-running-injuriesChiropractic care may not be the first form of treatment to come to mind, but our Renton Chiropractors suggests that it can be used for injury prevention since it emphasizes proper alignment of the spine and pelvic. Running is very much focused on correct form, especially in your stride. If your form is off, your entire body is moving in a way that can create stress on specific areas. Some of the most common running-related injuries include:

• Plantar fasciitis
• Achilles tendonitis
• IT band syndrome
• Patella Tracking problems
• Hip bursitis

When coming into Petett Chiropractic, one of the first things our Renton chiropractors look for is misalignment. Misalignment of the spine can cause tension or an unequal distribution of pressure. Before taking care of a specific area, the spine must be aligned or there will be extra strain on one particular body part. Major causes of misalignment include running in the same direction on the same course everyday, running often on slanted surfaces and not replacing shoes regularly.
Our Renton chiropractors stress the importance of warming up before taking off on a run since it allows your joints time to adjust and move more fluidly. They also suggest setting up an appointment to get properly aligned before injuries occur. Preventative steps are the best way to stay healthy, so give us a call today at 425-277-2225 to set up an appointment. We’ll keep you running all year long.


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