Preventative Measures to Keep You Going All Summer

Summer in the Pacific Northwest means an abundant amount of fun activities to do outside. Everyone is excited to spend as much time basking in the sun as possible before we’re driven back indoors by the rain. All of this extra activity increases the chances of injury so it is important to take preventative measures in order to reduce this risk.

Increasing your strength and flexibility are two key preventative initiatives that are emphasized at Chiropractic Care Renton. Improving your strength and flexibility also improves your overall health and fitness. Follow these helpful tips in order to stay injury free through the rest of the summer.

Strength Trainingstrength-training-Renton-Chiro

  • Strength training also known as resistance training increases your muscles’ power and endurance.
  • There are a number of different activities for muscle strengthening such as lifting weights, resistance bands, cycling, climbing stairs and even yoga.
  • You should strength train two or more days a week making sure to work all the major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, shoulders and arms).
  • Maintaining good posture is stressed at Chiropractic Care Renton. It also happens to be a way to strengthen back muscles

By increasing your muscles’ strength, injuries are less likely to occur because the muscles act as shock absorbers, therefore putting less stress or pressure on your body overall.

Flexibility Trainingstretching-Pettet-Renton

  • Flexibility training improves the ability of joints to maintain the movement necessary for everyday activities.
  • Some great flexibility training exercises include stretching, yoga, tai chi and pilates.
  • You should do flexibility exercises two or more days a week in order to gain the benefits

Improving your flexibility lowers back pain since the increased flexibility in your quads and hamstrings helps relax muscles in the back. This training also decreases the risk of injury to the joints because flexibility training makes joints healthier and more mobile.

Along with these tips, a consultation with Chiropractic Care Renton is a great way to learn more about preventative measures and stay pain through summer!


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