Preventing Pain: Simple Ways to Avoid Back Troubles

We write many blogs on how to alleviate back pain but have yet to provide a preventative piece. Taking the proper steps to protect your back is an excellent way to stay on top of your health. Check out these habits that help maintain a healthy spine:

Get Those Bones Movin’

Having a regular pattern of activity that you maintain is an element of any healthy lifestyle. Allowing your spine to move properly aids in the development of your spinal alignment. Keeping up with a workout routine that focuses on strengthening and muscle balance will also further support your health.

Water, Water, and More Water

Professionals suggest a minimum of eight 8 ounce (1 cup) glasses a day. Coffee and tea act as natural diuretics  and can leave our bodies screaming for more water. Drink a lot of coffee or tea? Add another 8 ounces of water for every cup you drink daily- your body will love you for it!

Keep Posture in Mind

If you pay more attention to your posture you’ll be more likely to notice any slumping. People who are desk bound every day may start to notice slouching at their mid-back and shoulders that are rolled forward. Professionals suggest imagining a string pulling you upward from the center of the top of your head to correct posture. If you have a slight curve in your lower back and neck, you’re doing it right!

Posture Should Never go on Vacation

Keep up the good health while you travel, work, and sleep by being conscious of your posture. When sitting in a chair or car, place a small pillow behind your lower back to create a slight curve. Take care to keep your seat in an upright position and to place headrests at the base of your neck.  Think your back problems are developed at night? Try falling asleep in an aligned position by laying on your back and using a small pillow to slightly lift your neck. Having a ton of pillows to surround you while you sleep may sound comfortable, but it actually ends up creating damaging effects.

Remember- it is easier to stay well then to get better. We hope you found these tips both useful and informative!

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