Reducing Back and Neck Pain While at Your Desk

With the spread of computers as one of the main tools for many jobs, people are sitting at desks for longer than ever, and this is having a negative effect on many people’s backs and necks. Anywhere from 10-20% of people in the United States complain about back or neck pain, making it one of the top five chronic injuries in the country. While most people think that this kind of pain is an inescapable part of working at a desk, there are several easy steps you can take to reduce the strain on your back and neck.

Properly Position Everything

Since most computer workstations are setup to minimize the movement that you need to make, reducing your physical effort and maximizing your productivity, you need to ensure that all of the components of your workstation are set up in a way that is as comfortable as possible for you, in both the short and long term. Some things to consider here are: your monitor height (should be at eye level so you don’t need to look down); your mouse location (don’t want to be reaching too much); and the positioning of other tools you use frequently (also don’t want to be reaching too much). By setting up your workstation in this way, you can keep the strain and stretching to a minimum, ensuring that minor movements don’t turn into chronic pains.

Allow Your Body to Settle

Office equipment is ergonomically designed to set you body up in the right position, so you should take a few moments to allow your body to settle into a place that is both comfortable and conducive to work. Whether it’s ensuring that your feet reach the ground, and can rest in a stable setting on the floor, or keeping your armrests at the correct height so that your shoulders don’t hang or slouch, you have more control than you’d think over how your body is positioned. Using this control is key to reducing your chances at neck or back pain.

Take a Break

Even if you’ve set up your workstation in the best way possible, the real way to minimize your chances of neck or back pain is to take frequent breaks, and do the proper stretches. Whether it’s walking around your office or leaving to grab a coffee, nothing will rejuvenate your neck and back like some light exercise.

If you are still suffering from neck or back pain, contact Petett Chiropractic today, and our team of experienced professionals can help you get your posture back in order, and help you live pain-free.