Renton Chiropractic Care Provider Reminds you to Stretch this Summer

Summer is as good of time as any to be active. The warm weather makes many people want to spend time running, swimming, and biking. As Renton chiropractic care providers, we want to remind you of the importance of stretching before workouts to prevent potential damage that could be caused.


Dynamic Stretching
Researchers have found that the most appropriate stretches to perform prior to a workout are dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches are slow, controlled movements that mimic the movements that will be made during a physical activity.

Dynamic stretches include high knees, leg swings, and shoulder circles. By preparing your body for the range of motion that will be used during an exercise, you are reducing the risk of sprains and strains.

Static Stretches
Static stretches are commonly mistaken as an effective pre-exercise stretch. These stretches are stationary and improve the overall mobility of muscle groups. Common static stretches include calf stretches, hamstring stretches, and quad stretches.

Static stretching is more effective after a workout because it works to improve the range of motion for your next workout. The key difference between the two types of stretches is that static stretches push your muscle groups, whereas dynamic stretches prepare your muscle groups.

Maintaining Back Health
Stretches before and after workouts are important to keep you from injuring muscles on your body, but it is also important to keep muscles strong to prevent serious back injuries.

Weak gluteus muscles, hamstrings or abdominals can all lead to a muscle imbalance that causes back issues. Muscle imbalance occurs when one muscle group is stronger than the other. When exercising, the muscles tend to over or under correct, leading to injuries.

It is important to maintain your body’s health during the summer. Stretching before and after a workout is a great way to prevent strains and sprains from occurring. Ensuring similar levels of strength throughout all key muscle groups will also help prevent sprains and strains, but it will also keep more serious back issues from developing.

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photo credit: 2009Dino1014 via photopin (license)