Sleep Your Way to Better Health


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The dark and dreary weather makes an impact on most of us in the Pacific Northwest, even the staff here at Petett, Renton Chiropractor. Do you find yourself falling into a deeper sleep at night?

Sleep is integral to the better health and well-being. A good night’s rest can give our body’s time to recharge, heal, and has many more benefits. Not only is the number of hours we sleep important but how we sleep also affects our overall health. Your favorite sleeping position may be giving you an upset stomach, body aches especially in the back and neck, and can even cause premature wrinkling! Here are some helpful tips from your  on how different sleeping positions will benefit and harm your body.

Sleeping on the back helps prevent back and neck pain by maintaining a neutral position for the head, neck, and spine. Acid reflux is reduced by the pillow supporting the head just above the level of the stomach to ensure we wake up without stomach troubles.  This sleeping position is also best if you are worried about wrinkles.  Since your face is not pushed against a pillow, wrinkles won’t form quickly. If you or the special person in your life tends to snore a little too often or loud, sleeping on the back may not be the best position to solve that problem. While sleeping, tissues in your throat tend to relax and obstruct airflow coming out of the mouth to cause snoring.

Sleeping on one side or the other helps with snoring by elongating the spine, and if you are positioned well, the head, neck, and spine will remain neutral.  If wrinkles are a big concern for you, sleeping on the side is not recommended, as your face will be pressed onto the pillow.  Despite the threat of premature wrinkling, sleeping on the left side is recommended for pregnant women because it is ideal for optimal blood flow throughout the body.

The next two positions are a big “No, No” when it comes to better health and are not recommended.  The fetal position and laying on the stomach both disallow the spine to retain a neutral position and places pressure on joints and muscles.  This can irritate nerves and cause pain, tingling, and numbness.  The fetal position also increases arthritic pain by leaving joints bent all night.

So as you lay your head down for the night, remember that sleeping on your back or side are best for better health. If you have further questions about better health, please contact Petett Chiropractic, your Renton Chiropractor, because we care about your journey to better health.