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People in the Pacific Northwest are known for getting out of the house in the summer time to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.  They indulge in many fun activities such as kayaking, water skiing, biking, hiking and even 18 holes of golf. While most of these outings go off without a hit, many people run the risk of getting injured by pulling a muscle or over exerting themselves.

Whether you’re a professional outdoorsman or a weekend warrior, regular chiropractic care is important to preventing injuries when participating in outdoor activities. If you don’t properly prepare your body for certain stressful activities through gentle spinal manipulation, you might find yourself experience pain after.

Seattle chiropractor Dr. Scott Petett on mountain bike

Avid mountain biker and chiropractic Dr. Scott Petett

At Petett Chiropractic, here are several common injuries that we see with people who engage in outdoor activities:

Back Pain

Bike riders, kayakers and golfers tend to suffer from this injury the most.  The greatest cause of injuries is a poor warmup, especially if you don’t participate in the activity on a regular basis. If you haven’t swung a mountain biked in a few years, then you might be in for some back pain after going on a long biking adventure.

Lower Back & Neck

Neck pain is often associated with activities that require your body to be in an unnatural position for hours at a time. For example, cycling and kayaking are activities where the spine and neck can be injured. This is due to bad posture or overextension.

Should I Get Chiropractic Care After Outdoor Activities?

Answer: Yes, better late than never. Bad backs, sore necks and other body parts can improve with regular chiropractic care from a qualified Seattle chiropractor. It’s cheaper than undergoing a knife and much less dangerous that having a doctor prescribe you pain pills (which have a huge potential for addiction).

Benefits of Chiropractic Care Before Outdoor Activities in Seattle

Have you ever been to a professional baseball or football game? Each of the players warms up in order to avoid pulling or straining any muscles. By visiting a chiropractor before the mountain hike, you will be properly warming up your body up. Your muscles and joints will be properly relaxed and aligned. If you have any pre-existing injuries, your chiropractor can help improve the symptoms overtime.

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An experienced and highly trained chiropractor, such as Dr. Scott Petett can help alleviate bad backs, sore necks and other ailments before they happen. As a Seattle chiropractor and avid mountain biker himself, Dr. Petett is familiar with the aches and pains that many people experience after a participating in a physical activity. He’s well aware of the potential for injury and how to avoid it

To get the most out of your summer, schedule an appointment this season at your dedicated local chiropractic clinic. We are thirty minutes away from Seattle, conveniently located near Valley Medical Center.