Yoga & Decompression Techniques to Combat Holiday Stress

Magically, when the days shorten after November’s daylight savings slip, 24-hours can drudge on like an eternity. It doesn’t help when the small window of sunlight is often rained out and undoubtedly jam-packed with holiday preparations, errands and shopping lists topping a plate of regular work and regimen. All that pressure can sure weigh you down and cramp not only your style but your body.

Dr. Scott Petett and the team of Renton Chiropractors remind you to take it easy with these valuable practices, so that you can relieve the stress and headaches and instead focus on all the reasons to be thankful this month.


Yoga stretches don’t have to leave you bending over backward. Simple stances like downward dog and child’s pose can be just the trick to get your body back on the right track. Take five to ten minutes in the morning and again at night to stretch and train your body.

Start your day with the Cat-Cow Pose, done on all fours. Inhale with your back dropped toward the floor and your chin up toward the ceiling and exhale with an arched back as you look down to your belly button. This pose is ideal for opening the entire spine and simultaneously stretching back and neck mussels. Child’s Pose is a prime example of a relaxation technique perfect at bedtime. Again on all fours, stretch your arms out on the floor in front of you and sit back just far enough to hover over your heels, taking deep, slow breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. You’ll be amazed at how this de-stressor elongates and relaxes your back and body as a whole to optimize your sleep routine.

In addition, decompression exercises can have a positive return. An example of this technique is done by standing, with feet placed firmly, shoulder-width apart and arms stretched up to the ceiling, kept in-line with the ears. Take a deep breath in and as you slowly exhale, begin to roll your back forward, paying special attention to redirecting your body downward one vertebrae at a time. With both yoga and decompression activities, be sure to hone-in on strong breathing techniques which you can then continue to utilize through the day.

For optimal benefits, make an appointment with us at Petett Chiropractic to receive a full adjustment. Approach the holidays in good spirits and with your best self. Don’t put it off. Take advantage of your insurance benefits before the year is through. You’ll be thankful that you did.

photo credit: ARE YOU YOU Yoga via photopin (license)

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