Yoga, Stress, and You

The stresses and anxieties that we face on a daily basis can be dealt with by doing enjoyable activities that relax us. Exercise is a common and healthy practice that is beneficial in more than just the stress department. Are you interested in shaking up your exercise routine or wanting to begin working out to help you relax? Consider dropping by a yoga class. This mind-body exercise increases flexibility, balance, strength, and works wonders for the super-stressed.

What is yoga exactly? The practice combines focused stretching and breathing exercises with mediation. It is considered both an exercise and an alternative medicine that is practiced in different styles and intensities. Bikram and Hatha are two of the several different types of yoga.

The key with yoga isn’t that it’s relaxing on your body. According to an blog on Psychology Today’s website, yoga relieves stress because it’s stressful! Focusing on breathing helps remove the stress you experience on your body and mind during yoga. While it may be initially difficult to focus on your breathing while doing challenging stretching exercises, it will eventually reap the reward of a less stressed life. Focusing on the moment in this way is a technique that you can apply to your daily life, resulting in the relaxation you’ve been working for. Yoga is about focus and overcoming stress and anxiety. It has the power to transform your life by improving your physical and mental health.

Feeling keen to get started? There are several yoga poses that are especially good for the stressed. Take a peek at a great top 10 list, here. One of our favorites is the first pose on the list, child’s pose. This one doesn’t just stretch in a good way, but is also perfect for beginners and experts alike.

We hope this has you considering yoga or beginning an exercise routine! Still feeling stressed? Give us a call at (425) 277-2225 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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