Chiropractic Misconception #1: “It’s All About the Pop”

We’ve all seen them.

They make some of us cringe. Others of us find them weirdly satisfying. But we’ve all seen them.

We’re talking, of course, about the countless videos across YouTube and social media of chiropractors giving patients adjustments with more snaps, crackles and pops than a bowl of Rice Krispies.

As entertaining as these clips may be, our fascination with them may be getting in the way of our health.

While hearing a joint pop during an adjustment isn’t inherently a bad thing, problems arise when we think that chiropractic care is all about the pop. 


“What went wrong?”

When chiropractic patients mistake popping for healing, they can leave an appointment asking “What went wrong?” if they didn’t hear anything–despite the fact that the adjustments made were successful.

Contrary to popular belief, that crunching sound has nothing to do with your bones. Pops occur when an adjustment causes a pressure change within a joint. 

And research has long shown that popping is not necessary for successful chiropractic adjustments.

Some adjustments don’t necessitate the amount of movement required to cause an audible noise. If all you’re after is the pop, you run a grave risk of over-adjustment–which causes even further joint damage down the road.

So the next time you have a “silent adjustment,” you should actually be encouraged. If your chiropractor is doing their job correctly, that means that your joints or spine is in better shape–not worse.


“That’s not for me.”

The other problem occurs for people who could be significantly helped by chiropractic treatment–but are deciding against it.

While many folks find the cracking sounds satisfying, many others hear them and say, “That’s not for me.”

Tragically, too many people don’t seek out chiropractic care for fear that the practitioner will simply try to bend them until they pop. It feels unnerving and even a little violating. 

To be honest, we’d feel the same way.

But while we won’t deny that there are bad eggs out there, a responsible chiropractor–a Petett chiropractor–wants the minimum amount of movement necessary to make the adjustment.

A responsible chiropractor is there for your healing–not for viewers online. They want to relieve your pain–not ‘wow’ you with a pop.


You deserve responsible care.

At Petett Chiropractic, we believe no one should be kept from life-changing pain relief because of a misconception they got from watching an internet video.

We believe your body is precious and worth treating with care. And that’s our promise to you.

If you’re dealing with a chronic pain you just can’t shake, give us a call. We can help determine whether chiropractic care is right for you.