How Correct Alignment Relieves Stress and Bolsters the Immune System

Stress is one of the most brutal actors in the ongoing journey of health, and the links between stress and sickness are well-documented. It’s important to recognize the secondary ways that stress affects you. Beyond the immediate ‘stressed out’ feeling, immune system deficiency can fly under the radar, and negatively impact your life. Avoiding stress requires a multi-pronged approach, including diet, exercise, and mindfulness, but one of the best ways to reduce existing stress is through regular corrective alignment.  

What is Corrective Alignment?

Corrective alignment treatment is an ongoing way of ensuring that your muscles and posture are working in proper equilibrium. As you live your life, certain activities are repeated more often than others, usually related to your occupation or work habits. These activities lead to an imbalance in your muscles, which puts strain on your posture and skeleton.

This strain in turn increases your stress levels, is quite painful, and will inevitably lead to further consequences, such as immunodeficiency. Corrective alignment treatments are a results-oriented massage routine, aimed at realigning your muscles and bones as they should be.

How Does It Relieve Stress?

The pain and nuisance of improper posture and muscular strain are incredibly stressful on both your physical and mental health. By undergoing corrective alignment treatments, you can reestablish the healthy, peaceful equilibrium that your body is designed for. Corrective alignment treatments can help to:

  • Relax and soothe tense muscles
  • Decrease levels of stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Promote healthier posture habits
  • Improve your sleep

How Does It Help The Immune System?

Stress and the immune system go together like matches and gasoline. During especially stressful periods, the immune system is suppressed, as your body is under the impression that you are in a ‘fight or flight’ scenario.

In the long run, chronic suppression of your immune system leaves you extremely vulnerable. It reduces your body’s ability to both produce antibodies to protect against viruses and bacteria, and to fight off any infections that make their way inside. Corrective alignment treatments go a long way in reducing this damaging stress, which helps to ensure that your immune system is running in top condition, protecting you and fighting off intruders.

If you think corrective alignment treatments are the answer to your stress or immune system troubles, book an appointment with the trusted team of experts at Petett Chiropractic today, and retake control of your body, your health, and your happiness.