How Mental Stress Hurts Your Body

In the past year, we’ve heard a ton about health and its importance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has been closely trailed by discussions about mental stress. While our bodies are generally the focus of our health considerations, we’re all learning a lot about the effects of mental stress on our physical bodies. For this month’s blog, we’re going to take a closer look at this phenomenon. Our business is keeping your body in a healthy and happy state, and this month, that means examining how mental stress can hurt your body. 

The Mind-Body Connection

Here at Petett, we are always talking about the power of holistic healing. This is our approach to health, incorporating all the varying health systems and factors, in order to create lasting positive feedback between them, and lasting health for you. However, these connections can also work in reverse, where negative outcomes in one area spread out to other areas. This can be a dangerous tailspin, in which your health spirals out of control because of the interrelated, holistic nature of your health. 

One of the main holistic health connections is the often discussed mind-body connection. While this can seem mysterious, it’s something we’ve all experienced. Moods originating in your mind can seamlessly affect parts or systems of your body, for both positive and negative results. One of the most common ways we see this manifest is through stress. 

Stress Can Wreck Your Body 

Stress can wreak havoc on your body, in basically limitless ways. This includes both immediate and long-term health problems. Stress can directly lead to headaches, heartburn, hyperventilation, high blood pressure, stomachache, and much more, which can often compound your already existing stresses. 

In the long term, stress can increase the risk of heart attack, weaken your immune system, increase rates of depression, and even lower your sex drive. While being stressed obviously makes life difficult on its own, making it tough to even handle the things stressing you out in the first place, the mind-body connection can quickly exacerbate these concerns. 

At Petett Chiropractic, We Understand Your Pain

Prioritizing the mind-body connection means that we understand how mental stress can negatively affect your body. Here at Petett Chiropractic, we understand your pain, in all the different forms it can take. If you’re looking to relieve the direct or indirect issues that stress is causing you, give us a call today. Our team of experts can give you the chiropractic care you need to unlock your stress, and return your body to health.