Rainy Roads Can Mean Whiplash – 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For the Rain

Kent ChiropracticNow that Fall has started and the sunshine is slowly hiding more and more every single day our team thought it would be a great time to remind all of our patients, followers and friends to drive safely! Driving in the Fall in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest means driving in a constant downpour of rain. If you’re new to the Seattle area you might not be too familiar with driving in such wet conditions, and even if you’ve lived in the Seattle area all you life it never hurts to read a friendly reminder!

When driving in the rain your car isn’t as safe as when you’re driving on a dry road. Some things that you want to make sure that you get checked up on your car are;

  1. The thread on your tires. If your tires are all used up fall is a great time to pay for some new ones.
  2. Check your tire pressure (yes on all four tires). If your tire pressure isn’t at the level it’s supposed to be at there is greater chance for your tire to pop and your car won’t have as much grip as it could. In addition having the right tire pressure helps with your gas mileage!
  3. Make sure your alignment is good.
  4. Make sure your breaks are not worn out and if they are make sure to replace them!

If anything does happen this Fall while you’re driving (such as stopping abruptly, getting into a fender bumper or something more serious) make sure to contact your local chiropractor (we also serve Kent chiropractic patients).

Whiplash can be a serious problem for anybody! Whiplash is painful and irritating. Our chiropractors are trained to treat whiplash no matter how severe the case might be. In fact, we love seeing patients leave our center happy and feeling healthier than ever.

If you have any symptom of whiplash make sure to contact us today and let us know when you can come see us for treatment.

Remember that no symptom is too small! When you’re driving in the rain there might come a time where you need to make an abrupt stop, and a lot of times an abrupt stop can lead to whiplash or neck pain. Even if you have the slightest discomfort in your neck area we can treat it to make you feel better.

Although our chiropractic center is located in Renton, we treat kent chiropractic patients and we aren’t located to far from Kent! So if you are in need of kent chiropractic care we can accommodate to your needs!

Remember to drive safe this fall!