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Returning To Normalcy After Whiplash

If you’ve been in a car accident you know just how quickly things can go wrong. In one moment everything is fine, and in the next you’re facing a nightmare. But, you’re alive and quite lucky. Still, with all the commotion taking place after impact it might not be until much later that you recognize… Read more »

Petett Chiropractic’s Expert Guide on Neck Pain | Seattle Chiropractors

Petett chiropractic neck treatment

The neck, also called the cervical spine, has the incredibly important role of supplying blood to the brain and supporting the weight and mobility of the head, which on average weighs 12 pounds! The neck is a fragile body part, prone to injury or pain. Many people experience neck pain at least once in their… Read more »

Whiplash and Neck Pain

One million people per year suffer from whiplash, and many of these people don’t even know that they have it! Read about some of the main symptoms caused by whiplash, and don’t wait another day to get it treated.