Whiplash and Neck Pain

Whiplash and Neck PainIn the early 1900’s the term whiplash was associated with train collisions, which lead to the injury being called, “railroad spine”. In present times, with the majority of people owning cars instead of using trains to commute to and from work, whiplash is most commonly caused by a motor vehicle accident. This form of whiplash associated with neck pain is due to an abrupt, sudden jerking movement of the head. This distortion to the neck is the most common nonfatal car crash injury with more than one million people per year suffering from whiplash. Many cases of whiplash are not reported because people are unaware of the common symptoms such as headaches, low back pain, difficulty concentrating/remembering, and stiffness/pain in the neck. Since these symptoms do not seem correlated, it can be difficult for someone to trace these symptoms back to a certain accident resulting in a whiplash injury. Other symptoms include pain in the shoulders, arms, legs, as well as sensory disturbance similar to the ‘pins and needles’ feeling. Whiplash can also be hard to detect because symptoms can appear directly after the incident but are most likely nonexistent until a few weeks or months later. Once you have forgotten about the accident, the symptoms begin to appear with strong pain.


Chiropractic care can treat whiplash and eliminate the painful symptoms associated with the injury, especially the most common symptom – neck pain. Chiropractic care is beneficial because if caught early, the scar tissue damage and inflammation can be minimized. There are specific adjustments that are necessary in order to help normalize the spinal function. If whiplash is not treated properly, surgery and pain medication will be needed. At Petett Chiropractic, we want to eliminate your pain and treat your whiplash early, and properly. Give us a call today and let us answer any questions you have about chiropractic care to treat whiplash and neck pain!

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