National Nutrition Month 2020

Whenever someone’s trying to get their body in proper working order, the first two things tackled are most often diet and exercise. Once these are under control, it becomes easier to focus on particular ailments or pains. However, it’s often important to remind ourselves of exactly why proper diet and exercise are so vital to good health. 

It’s National Nutrition Month, and since Petett Chiropractic is your Seattle holistic health partner, this is extremely exciting for us. Let’s have a look at some of the issues nutrition can help alleviate, along with the benefits of combining nutrition and chiropractic health. 

How Does Proper Nutrition Bring Health?

If we use a simple metaphor to cover some really complicated subject matter, nutrition is often
referred to as the body’s fuel. And just like your car’s gas tank, your body is going to quickly break
down if you fill it with sugar and garbage.

Understanding what constitutes a healthy diet is the first step here, and the USDA has an awesome tool to help you explore your options. Once you know what you should be eating, it’s time to understand what these healthy choices are preventing. 

Proper nutrition is the fuel that keeps your body’s
network of systems running smoothly, which is how it enables a long term, holistic approach to health. Proper nutrition is the framework around which health can be built up.

Why You Should Combine Nutrition and Chiropractic Care

As we learned above, nutrition helps your body run smoothly. From this place of good health, it becomes simple to target particular parts of your body that are bothering you. This is where chiropractic care comes into the picture. Chiropractic care is the kind of targeted health care that even extremely healthy people can benefit from.  

Whether you’re looking to get back into shape, or focus on a specific problem, Petett Chiropractic is your holistic chiropractic health partner. Contact our team today, to see what the power of holistic health can do for you. Happy National Nutrition Month!