Stay Mobile During Holiday Travels

The holidays are a time of celebration with those who matter most, and in our increasingly global society, those who matter most are often farther and farther away. This brings us to one of the often difficult realities of the holiday season: travel. Whether you’re going to visit your loved ones, or taking a collective trip somewhere new, the chances are that you’ll be on a plane, train, or a long car trip at some point in the month of December.

It can be easy to get complacent during these long travel sessions, but staying as active as you can during them is a great way to keep your spirits high, and to start the new year off right. Here are three tips for keeping active during your holiday travels.

On A Plane

While being on a long flight can be one of the most constrained feelings possible, it’s still important to recognize the need to move around in the cramped conditions. One of the most common problems is deep vein thrombosis, the feeling of blood pooling in your legs after sitting for so long.

To counteract this, contract your calf muscles, in order to get the blood flowing back to your heart. The altitude already takes a toll on you, so exercise like deep knee bends or tricep dips is not advised.

In The Car

If you thought a long flight was constricting, car rides can be even worse, without the ability to even get up and walk around. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of frequent rest stops, and make the most of them. Doing a few light exercises, some stretching, or even jogging around in a parking lot will help counteract the effects of being trapped with your seatbelt on. Also make sure that you’re sitting with proper posture, especially if you’re sleeping, so that your spine and neck don’t bear the brunt of the damage.

In The Cold

Dealing with bad weather is expected during the holiday season, so it’s important that you prepare yourself for this cold (pardon the pun) reality. Weather can be a huge factor for why people don’t keep active, and it can often take more energy to get yourself amped up to work out when it’s cold. There are a few techniques for keeping your body moving, even when it’s blustery or icy outside:

  • Bundle up: some people live by the mantra ‘there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.’
  • Take the stairs: If you are staying in a hotel, consider avoiding the elevator. Did you know that taking the stairs burns 10x the amount of calories.
  • Try a winter sport: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice climbing are all out there, if you’re ready to try something new.  

Wherever you end up this holiday season, remember that the experienced and passionate team here at Petett Chiropractic will be here to help whenever you get home. Contact us today to book an appointment!