Staying Safe While Boating This Summer

boating safety

Boating is one of the greatest summer activities, and Washington has plenty of beautiful spots. However, boating can be extremely dangerous if you aren’t prepared. There are many things to keep in mind while on the dock and on the water. In order to help you, your family, and your friends stay safe this summer, the team at Petett Chiropractic has put together a few of the most important ways to stay safe while boating this summer. 

Have Your Boat Inspected
To ensure that your boat is functioning properly, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and U.S. Power Squadrons offer complimentary boat examinations. Having a trained eye look over all the safety equipment in your boat, free of charge, is a great way to set yourself up for success.  

Know The Forecast
Weather plays a huge role in the kind of experience you will have when boating, so know the forecast, and prepare appropriately. If the forecast calls from extreme weather, stay on land, because boating in poor conditions makes you especially vulnerable on the water. 

Have A Back-Up Captain
It’s always important to have more than one person on your boat who understands how to drive the boat, locate safety gear and navigate back to shore. If an emergency occurs, and the captain can’t guide the boat to safety, having a backup can be a lifesaver.

Life Jackets: Wear them. Always. Especially children.

Don’t Drink and Boat
Bring a sober skipper! A massive amount of boating accidents involve irresponsible drinking. Never operate a boat while intoxicated (it’s just as illegal as drunk driving), because it puts everyone in your boat, and on the water at risk. 

Follow these tips and you’ll lower the risk of being injured. Petett Chiropractic wants you to stay safe this summer! Contact us today to make an appointment!