Summer Sports Safety Tips

sport safety

There’s nothing better than an afternoon out in the sun participating in your favorite sports with your friends and family. Whether you like to swim, boat or bike, summer is the time to combine pleasure with performance and get some exercise in the great outdoors. However, this combination of sports, sun, and excitement can lead to danger if you aren’t careful. With this in mind, here are a few simple sport safety tips to keep you and your family safe during the summer.

Protect Your Head

There are plenty of summer sports that require a helmet to keep you safe while you push your limits. Concussions are a bit of an epidemic across many sports, so recognizing the danger of brain injuries is crucial, especially for parents. If you’re out biking, on the road or downhill, rollerblading, or even waterskiing, a helmet reduces the chances of getting a concussion from a hit to the head. Teach your children good helmet habits now so that they can stay safe for a lifetime.

Stay Safe in the Water

Water sports are probably the most popular summer activity, for obvious reasons. However, swimming or playing in the water, in any of its various forms, can be extremely dangerous if you aren’t careful. You should always stay within your swimming abilities, especially in cases of peer pressure, so that you don’t get in over your head (literally). Children should be watched around any body of water 100% of the time, regardless of their level of swimming skill.

Don’t Drink and Play

Combining the sun with a few cocktails or beers is a great combination for many, but only when consumed responsibly. If you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, don’t do so while you’re participating in any sporting activities. Especially if you’re operating a boat or a bike, which is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. So enjoy a drink or two, but don’t let it be your last.

Sun and Skin Safety

Skin cancer is one of the most prominent types of cancer, so preventing it is important for keeping yourself safe and healthy. Always cover up or use sunscreen, finding shade and drinking water to keep yourself cool.

If you do end up with a summer sports injury, Petett Chiropractic is your Seattle chiropractic care partner. Contact us today for assistance getting back to health, and back to athletic enjoyment.