Summer Sports Injury? Here’s How We Can Help

sports injury

Whether you play for a competitive league, or just for fun with your friends and family, playing summer sports gets you moving and gets you outside! However, if you haven’t played sports all year and even if you’ve been conditioning consistently, there is always and injury risk .Having an injury is the worst, especially when the sun is shining and people are out enjoying themselves. One of the best ways to reduce the impact an injury has on your life is to undergo chiropractic care. With an experienced chiropractic care provider like Petett Chiropractic, you can gain relief from the following sports injuries (and beyond), so that you can get on with your summer. 

Back Pain

Based on various surveys of the American population, as much as 30% of people experience back pain for some portion of the year. Whether from a sports injury, a workplace injury, or failure to properly care for the body, back pain can be extremely debilitating. Treatment for back pain is often inconsistent, failing to work as desired. Growing evidence from scientific research points to chiropractic care as the safest, most effective solution to back pain. Chiropractors make spinal adjustments that can alleviate your pain without the need for costly surgeries or medications. They also know the proper exercises and stretching to get your back into playing shape once again. 

Arm & Leg Pain

Whether it’s overexertion, blunt force trauma, or poor circulation in the limbs, arm and leg pain from exercise can put a damper on your enthusiasm and your sports performance as well as lead to further injury. When icing, heating, and massage don’t solve your problems, chiropractic care might be the answer. By reducing pressure on the nerves in your arms, legs, neck and back, any spinal pressure causing pain can be released. 

If you’re suffering from an injury, you too can benefit from chiropractic care, at Petett Chiropractic! We will get you back in playing shape in no time, so you can enjoy an injury-free summer.