Tired of a Sore Neck? Here’s How We Can Help

neck pain

Neck pain and soreness are plagues on our society, with enormous numbers of people suffering from these problems chronically. Neck soreness can cripple your day-to-day, making it difficult or even impossible to do the things you love doing, with the people you love doing them with. Many people feel like neck pain, or neck soreness, is an unconquerable obstacle, because it’s so difficult to get started on the path to recovery. However, there are several simple steps that you can take, in order to get on the path to painless neck mobility, and from there, return to doing whatever makes you happiest. Here are several methods for reducing neck pain, from Petett Chiropractic.

Stretching & Strengthening

For many people, neck pain is the result of the muscles around the neck being too tense, and spasming at greater rates than necessary. This restricts your neck’s range of motion, and lead you to compensate for it in other ways. By establishing a regular routine of stretching and exercising for your neck and the muscles surrounding it, you can reduce the impact of daily neck pain, and get yourself in better shape to handle pressure on these muscles. If you’re unsure where to begin when it comes to stretching and strengthening your neck, check out this list of beginner’s exercises.


One of the main causes of neck soreness for people in 2019 is looking at screens. From our phones, to our work desktops, to our laptops at home, we spend a ton of time looking at screens, and a ton of time not considering the consequences of this. An easy way to reduce the strain on your neck that comes from looking at screens all day is to increase the ergonomics of your setup. Ergonomics is the field of increasing comfort and efficiency in the working environment, and includes everything from ensuring your chair is at the right height for your monitor, to lifting your phone up to look at it instead of hunching over. By filling your life with ergonomics, you can relieve neck pain.


If these first two options still don’t help with your neck pain, it could be time for a spinal adjustment. Going to a reputable chiropractor for an adjustment can ensure that the structure of your spine and neck is correctly aligned, so that you can work to reduce muscle tension as best as possible. If you need a reputable chiropractor in the Seattle area, contact Petett Chiropractic today! Our team of caring, experienced chiropractors will ensure that neck soreness becomes a relic in your life.