When to Tone Down Your Workout

Chiropractic Care: A Non-Workout Path to Bodily Health

Now is the time of year when many of us begin thinking about shedding a few pounds and breaking out the clothing that will beat the heat and show off our best summer bodies.

Of course, exercise is crucial for our physical health and overall wellbeing.  However, some common mistakes can throw us off track before we even get started. 

For example, after a prolonged period of not working out, our bodies need time to adapt to new training regimens. Therefore, starting slow can help prevent injuries.

Those who suddenly push their bodies outside of their comfort zones too quickly can overexert muscles and connective tissues, placing unnecessary strains on different areas of your body.

Another common error is failing to take rest days between aggressive workouts. Because exercise can stress muscles and joints, allowing ample time for recovery and healing is an essential part of any new exercise regimen. 

Unfortunately, some people begin training using techniques or equipment with which they are unfamiliar. Doing so can be risky. A better approach might be to seek help from a trained professional who can show you how to use equipment properly and safely. If possible, hiring a personal trainer, at least to get started, can be a wise strategy. Expert support can help reduce the likelihood of injuries and also maximize results.

In some cases, those seeking to jump-start their workouts unintentionally use improper techniques, which can result in strains, sprains, or even more serious injuries. Many are often too focused on lifting as much weight as possible, for example. However, even if they can lift the heavier weight, the wrong technique might also be working the wrong muscles, which could cause injury.

Yet another misstep for many is not knowing where to start, which can lead to just following what others are doing. This approach can be counter-productive, though, especially since everyone has different goals. Simply imitating others may not yield the results we really want. 

Likewise, we want to be careful to vary our routines to work different muscle groups. Continuing to do the same exercises repeatedly might yield results at first. 

But eventually, the body becomes accustomed to the exercises, and progress plateaus. Injuries can also occur under these circumstances as repetition of the same exercises might place constant strain on muscles and joints.

Stretching before, during and after exercise is also essential to maintaining good flexibility. Whenever someone does not stretch properly, range of motion can be reduced and the potential for premature degeneration of joints increases. 

Warming up, which is an often overlooked aspect of exercise, should be part of any training session. It prepares joints, muscles and tendons and reduces the risks of injuries. Similarly, cooling down following a workout is essential to prevent the build-up of lactic acid, which can cause cramping and discomfort.

Hydration is another key component for any form of training. Failure to drink water during and after workouts could dehydrate tissues and slow down the healing process. 

Perhaps the most common mistake of all is not eating right. Muscles are made mainly of proteins, which are needed to help regenerate and rebuild muscle tissue. Our diets should be rich in proteins, as well as vegetables. 

When making exercise and physical activity a priority, whether the goals are to lose weight, build muscle, or become stronger, it is important to pay attention to pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care can provide a non-workout path to physical fitness and overall wellbeing. 

Chiropractic, for instance, can address musculoskeletal imbalances before they present symptoms and help with recovery from soft tissue injuries. Chiropractic also can be instrumental in restoring function and teaching tactics that inhibit further injury.

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