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Safe Alternative to Treating Pain

Chiropractic treatment is much more respectable than it was just ten years ago. With continual positive results and instant pain relief, it is no wonder why people are turning towards chiropractic care for help! From adjustments that lead to immediate responses to treatment courses scheduled over the course of a few months, chiropractic treatment is… Read more »

Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Knee and Leg Pain?

Many people believe that the only reason you should see a chiropractor is if you were in a terrible accident. What many people don’t realize is that a simple checkup once a week can help prevent future injuries and can have a positive influence on your life.

Whiplash and Neck Pain

One million people per year suffer from whiplash, and many of these people don’t even know that they have it! Read about some of the main symptoms caused by whiplash, and don’t wait another day to get it treated.

Reduce your stress – increase your life

Look into any downtown street and you can feel the stress building up inside of the atmosphere of the city. Reducing your stress can lead to a happier life, and more positive outcomes. Read about how our Renton chiropractic center professionals can help you accomplish the task of reducing the stress in your life, today.

Chiropractic Care Healthy Lifestyle

We all want to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle however it can be hard to worry about staying healthy with various daily tasks and our typical daily routines. Chiropractic care is a natural approach to healthcare. No pills needed. Petett Chiropractic is a wellness center available to help put you back on track… Read more »

Preventing Back Pains During Your Workout

Learn four simple things that you could do to prevent back pains and reduce stress and strain on your body by reading this post. It’s amazing what small, healthy choices that you make daily can do for your overall health. Try out these steps before your workout to increase your performance level and prevent health problems while working out.

Key Vitamins for Proper Back Health

It’s no secret that good health results from a balanced and planned diet. The food we consume gives our bodies the resources that it needs to run effectively. That being said, it is important to keep in mind picking the right type of foods to consume for a healthy back. Here is a short list of… Read more »

Yoga, Stress, and You

The stresses and anxieties that we face on a daily basis can be dealt with by doing enjoyable activities that relax us. Exercise is a common and healthy practice that is beneficial in more than just the stress department. Are you interested in shaking up your exercise routine or wanting to begin working out to… Read more »

Bad Memory? Sleep may be the Culprit!

It’s common knowledge that sleep is not only necessary to make us to be functional but is healthy for us too. Just how important is it for us to get our nightly sleep? The following research suggests without it, we wouldn’t be able to store information the way we do. Some research suggests that those… Read more »

Sickness and Excercise: When is it time for a break?

It is widely believed that exercising when you feel sick can not only make you feel better but may help you heal. According to blog Healthuni, if you follow the “neck rule” exercise can be OK. The “neck rule” argues that if you have any symptoms above the neck it is safe to continue with your regular exercise. That means stuffy noses, headaches,… Read more »