Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Pregnant Mothers?| Renton Chiropractors Explains

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in motherhood. Throughout the 40-weeks of pregnancy, your body goes through a series of remarkable changes, most obviously the expansion of your belly. However, there are an endless number of changes that occur which cannot be seen. Although hormonal fluctuations and physical symptoms are unique to every pregnant mother, pregnancy… Read more »

Safety Strategies for Santa’s Helpers | Renton Chiropractic

Maybe you live in the North Pole and believe it’s your job to spread cheer this time of the year. Or, maybe your significant other has been anxiously waiting for you to hang the lights while all of your friends are mocking you with Facebook photos of their Pinterest-perfect trees. (At Petett Chiropractic, we’re big… Read more »

Yoga & Decompression Techniques to Combat Holiday Stress

Magically, when the days shorten after November’s daylight savings slip, 24-hours can drudge on like an eternity. It doesn’t help when the small window of sunlight is often rained out and undoubtedly jam-packed with holiday preparations, errands and shopping lists topping a plate of regular work and regimen. All that pressure can sure weigh you… Read more »

Joint Pain from the Change in Weather? | Renton Chiropractors

Making the transition from summer to fall is tough for most people. Not only do we go from high temperatures & clear skies to cold & rainy days, but the amount of daylight available throughout the day diminishes as well. Although these may seem like minor changes as we move from season to season, the colder weather can… Read more »

Damaging Effects Caused by Heavy Backpacks

Renton Chiropractic Center Speaks on the Damaging Effects Caused by Heavy Backpacks School has begun and all the books and supplies needed to make a students education successful are jammed into a backpack. The weight from the backpack can create damaging effects on the students back, neck, and shoulders. According to the U.S. Consumer Product… Read more »

How to manage Back-to-School Stress

We all knew the day was coming… the date was marked on our calendars, and most of us spent quite a bit of money and time walking down store aisles stocking up on new supplies and clothes. Yet, somehow, the tidal wave of back-to-school week came crashing in hard, and fighting through the strong current,… Read more »

Prevent Running Injuries with Renton Chiropractors

Running is a great form of exercise, but here in the Pacific Northwest it’s also a way of life. People are running at any time and in any kind of weather. Cross country and track? Are major sports in this area of the country and it’s easy to see why. With trails in every direction,… Read more »

Renton Chiropractic Care Provider Reminds you to Stretch this Summer

Summer is as good of time as any to be active. The warm weather makes many people want to spend time running, swimming, and biking. As Renton chiropractic care providers, we want to remind you of the importance of stretching before workouts to prevent potential damage that could be caused. Dynamic Stretching Researchers have found that the… Read more »